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Baltimore’s Culinary Program Shines Podcast #1

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BOS Cooks Podcast #1

By Patriot-Made Audio:

It seems every morning television and news show is producing a plethora of culinary segments, to teach people to cook, cool recipes.  The market is saturated with TV cooking shows and food programming.  But, as the holidays approach, we will be sharing with our reading and listening audiences something that is diametrically different. It has purpose, beyond ingestion. There are good works, good food, and a great culinary job training program happening behind all the media shows, one small program which continues to shine and bear fruit out of Baltimore, without a lot of national media coverage and fanfare.

Unashamedly, this mini-series of podcasts (check out the first one here) episodes and blog posts are being created to help raise awareness and money for a nonprofit social enterprise which was born out of Baltimore, to help homeless women and children. It is our hope you will embrace these American made cooking stories with similar passion and support during this culinary journey with Baltimore Outreach Services  (BOS).

With autumn’s cooler weather comes a bountiful harvest, and the inklings for the recreation of our family traditions through our holiday cooking. Food has always gathered families together. Now, communities are coming together proactively.  As a result, we are producing a series of podcast interviews about BOS.

In the meantime, while you are thinking about your coming holiday food preparations, we want to share with you more details about the depth of BOS’s training, mission and services. BOS is making a wonderful difference in the lives of homeless women and children. A poster child, of sorts, worthy of others emulating/copying the model of their good works.


In 1999, Baltimore’s  city government became alarmed with the number of women and children who were homeless. City representatives met with the churches and community leaders to assess how to meet the needs of this vulnerable and growing population. At that time Christ Lutheran Church was already providing emergency shelter in the undercroft of the church-paying utilities and providing daily meals.

Responding to the great community need the Christ Church council determined that serving homeless women and children would become a priority of the churches mission.  In 2002 Baltimore Outreach Services was founded as an independent, nonprofit organization

From the beginning, BOS has been committed to the core principle that in order to move from homelessness, residents needed more than just emergency shelter.

As a result, BOS addresses the underlying causes of homelessness to promote long-term independence and self-sufficiency.  The culinary program was designed in 2005 as a job readiness course to move women out of the revolving door of homeless to work and the path to a better life.

BOS Cooks Cover Hi Res Reduced jpg FHThe BOS cookbook, offered for sale, is the culmination and commemoration of providing over a decade of service to homeless women and children of Baltimore’s inner city.

BOS Cooks was designed in partnership with Chef Connie Crabtree-Buritt, who has more than 30 years of professional culinary experience as a chef, restauranteur and caterer.

BOS and Chef Connie found that many of the women they were working with had a natural talent, but no formal training.  The recipes, tips, stories and art in the BOS Cooks cookbook is the organization’s way of sharing the women’s culinary journey with the broader community, and hopefully the world.

BOS Cooks is broken down into compilation of progressive dining recipes, as a sort of a smorgasbord of vignettes which blends art, story and food in each chapter of the cookbook.

Please return for our next post with more details about BOS COOKs.

We leave you with this quote from The Chef~

“You only get one chance to make a good impression. First impressions with food are also important. Appetizers and hors d’oeuvres set the tone for the rest of the meal. In class, we talk about the impression we make when we meet someone, and how important it is to be consistent and reliable. The same is true when working with food. I like relating a lesson to a life lesson. After all, they both go along way to sustain us.”

Buy a cookbook for the holidays  that supports homeless women and children.

No Tastebuds Left Behind

Mosaic Salad Resized

This crowd pleasing Grilled Chicken with Vegetable Mosaic Salad (BOS Cooks cookbook, Page 100, 101 and 134) is a beautiful and tasty way to satisfy even the most discriminating palates.  Perfect for lunch, brunch or a lite dinner, the platter is bursting with color and flavor.

BOS Cooks for Everyone

BOS Cooks Cover Hi Res Reduced jpg FH

The beautiful, colorful cover of our cookbook is an original artwork by well-known Urban Landscape Artist, Crystal Moll.

Crystal’s gallery is located in the Federal Hill neighborhood of Baltimore and she has been a wonderful friend and supporter of BOS program — helping moving women to work. The painting was created especially for the BOS Cooks cookbook and donated for the cover.

It’s a Wrap

Hands Chicken Wrap ReducedThe upcoming season of entertaining calls for impressive, tasty, but simply meals for friends and family. Chef says, “I believe in making good food, but it shouldn’t be hard.”


Grilled Salmon Wraps with Strawberry Jalapeno Barbecue Sauce (BOS Cooks, Pages 53, 103)

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